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Diabetes lurking in the shadows – Tomek’s story

31-year-old Tomasz underwent a fasting glucose test, receiving a normal result of 80 mg/dl.


He felt relieved and calm. It may seem that the problem of diabetes does not concern him. But does it really?

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Expert commentary

The patient’s result is normal, which could reassure him enough to delay further tests. However, due to a family history of diabetes and other risk factors resulting from his lifestyle, glycemic control should be repeated annually in his case, even in the absence of symptoms.


Additionally, early lifestyle changes (before the development of carbohydrate metabolism disorders) may prevent the onset of diabetes in the future.

Dr. Leopold Rehan, PhD, MD

Doctor of Medical Sciences, medical director, graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University in Wrocław, specialist in internal medicine, professionally associated with the Enel-Med Medical Center.