How long are your test results valid for? 

Dr. Agnieszka Kuś
How long are your test results valid for? 

Have you ever wondered if you can use your previous blood results at your next doctor’s appointment? Before booking your next visit, check how long your tests are valid for. 

You can use the table below to determine the approximate time that specific blood test results stay valid for. If you notice that your results are no longer in date, it is best to repeat them before your next appointment. This way, you will come prepared and get the best medical care without any further delays. 

Complete blood count 2 months
Manual blood smear 1 month
Creatinine 2 months
Urinalysis 1 week
TSH 3 months
fT3 3 months
fT4 3 months
anti-TPO lifetime
anti-TSHR lifetime
anti-TG, TRAb lifetime
Glucose 3 months
OGTT 3 months
Uric acid 3 months
AST 1 month
ALT 1 month
GGTP 1 month
ALP 1 month
Total Bilirubin 1 month
Lipid profile (TC, HDL, LDL, non-HDL, TG) 3 months
PT (INR) 1 month
APTT 1 month
Sodium 1 month
Potassium 1 month
Magnesium 1 month
Total calcium 1 month
Urea 1 month
Fibrinogen 1 month
Amylase 1 month
Lipase 1 month
ESR  1 week
CRP, quantitative 1 week
Iron 2 months
Ferritin 1 month


The validity of the test results was estimated based on the clinical experience of physicians