Data Protection Officer at Labplus S.A.: Magdalena Kutiak-Pecka, email:


With the highest regard for the protection of your personal data, we have developed a personal data protection project at Labplus S.A. We assure you that the actions taken by the Administrator to effectively and fully protect the personal data entrusted to us are necessary, compliant with national and EU law, and adequate to your needs and ours.
Below are documents for download that will familiarize you with the topic of personal data protection or facilitate contact with us regarding the protection or changes to your data processed by us.


I) Information clauses: i.e., who manages your data, for what purpose, for how long, and what are your rights associated with this. If you have any questions regarding the content of the clauses or their application, please contact us via email at the email addresses provided in the clauses

II) For individuals whose data we process, we have prepared a Privacy Policy and divided it into three parts:

  • Common Information containing information about data administration common to all individuals whose data we process;
  • Part A – for visitors to our websites;
  • Part B – for users of the LabTest Checker application.

Please familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy before using our products, where you will find answers to questions regarding how we collect personal data, how we manage it, how it is profiled, how to complain to the Data Protection Office, transfer of personal data to third countries, and data retention periods.

Privacy Policy

III) Documents for exercising rights. Information about the obligations, rights of individuals whose data is processed, and information about the protection of your personal data.

Here you will find all necessary information regarding the possibility of submitting your comments, orders, reservations, and inquiries regarding your personal data administered by us, along with submission instructions.

Realization of rights

A sample document for exercising your rights, including reporting changes to personal data, correcting data, deletion, withdrawal of consent, and other actions that you may instruct the Administrator to perform.

Request to the administrator