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Mariola is planning a pregnancy

Preventive examinations are particularly important when planning a pregnancy. Each deviation is carefully analyzed: Is it serious? Can I safely get pregnant?


No different was the case with Mariola, who underwent preventive examinations including a general urine test. When Mariola read the presence of bacteria in her urine result, she became very worried and hastily began to search for her clinic’s phone number. What does this result mean for her?

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Expert commentary

The presence of bacteria in urine, with other parameters of general urine examination being normal in individuals without dysuric symptoms (i.e., pain, urgency during urination, frequent urination), most commonly indicates improper urine sampling, such as contamination, and does not require further diagnostics or antibiotic therapy.


In exceptional cases, it may indicate asymptomatic bacteriuria, which requires treatment only in pregnant women and individuals undergoing urological procedures.

Anna Kubrak, MD

Doctor of Medical Sciences, medical director, graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University in Wrocław, specialist in internal medicine, professionally associated with the Enel-Med Medical Center.