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In medical diagnostics, timely information is crucial. With Labplus, you receive both your results and their meanings instantly, helping you make fast and informed decisions about your health.

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Just because your test is normal doesn’t always mean you’re perfectly healthy. To understand it properly, we need to look at your symptoms, medications, and other health factors. Labplus analyzes your results one by one through a dynamic medical questionnaire.

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Don’t let test results stress you out

While not every change in your test results needs a doctor’s help, nearly all of them can make you feel worried. Stay calm when you get your test results—we will explain them to you.

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Get results you understand

Knowing exactly what your test results mean saves you time and money. When you get instant explanations, you can avoid unnecessary appointments and tests that don’t add any value to your health journey. This allows you to focus on what truly matters: your well-being and taking proactive steps towards better health.

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Own your health and well-being

Don’t let confusing test results hold you back. Taking charge of your health starts with understanding your results. Learn from experts and gain the confidence to navigate your health journey effectively.

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World’s first technology that translates blood results into practical health information

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We are a team of doctors, scientists, and technology experts working together to help you understand your test results while prioritizing the highest clinical quality, safety, and effectiveness.

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  • „I have chronic illnesses, so I often undergo tests and wait for medical consultations. E-interpretation gives me a comprehensive picture of my condition; I receive test results with a professional description that takes into account my medical history, symptoms, and medications. Receiving interpretation from my laboratory has given me peace of mind and comfort while waiting for a specialist appointment”.

    Irena, a patient of the Silesian Analytical Laboratories

  • „I am very pleased with the e-interpretation because it has allowed me to quickly and easily access all the information I need. I appreciate that such modern tools are now directly available to patients, as it significantly facilitates preventive care.”.

    Marcin, a patient of the Diagnostyka

  • „E-interpretation is a service that saved me time and stress. I didn’t have to wait for a doctor’s appointment to understand my test results. E-interpretation provided me with clear and reliable information literally within minutes of downloading the results from the internet — it’s amazing! Such a service significantly improves the quality of life, especially for people of my age”.

    Krzysztof, a patient of

  • „I am pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect to receive such accurate and professional interpretation of my results online. I am usually cautious about using new technological advancements, but e-interpretation was recommended to me at the collection point. I will definitely continue to use it and recommend it to others”.

    Ewa, a patient of Korlab

  • „I can say that e-interpretation has met my expectations. Thanks to it, I am confident that my test results are correctly assessed and explained. This was confirmed by the doctor who recommended the same tests to me. It is evident that the application is professional”.

    Edward, a patient of the Silesian Analytical Laboratories

  • „Yes, I am satisfied. I interpreted my and my husband’s tests, and he usually avoids doctors even when he feels very unwell. E-interpretation explained the symptoms he was experiencing and why he should still seek consultation. I was right, and e-interpretation helped me convince my stubborn husband :)”.

    Katarzyna, a patient of the Vitalabo


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