Give your patients knowledge,
not just test results

Health begins with knowledge. Labplus combines medical quality with modern technology, so that every patient can discover their path to health.


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How can we help your organization?

We have analysed hundreds of thousands of tests to support laboratories and healthcare providers in:

Empowering their patients
and speeding up diagnostics

Reducing healthcare costs and
improving treatment outcomes

Enhancing organizational
efficiency and leveraging safe
and proven telemedical solutions

We analyze thousands of lab results daily, continuously refining our technology and medical knowledge to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

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Smart interpretation of lab results

Interpretation of patient results

A source of instant knowledge for your patients, available 24/7

  • Interpretation of the most commonly performed laboratory tests based on personalized medical interviews 5 6
  • A dynamic questionnaire, lasting up to a few minutes, with a set of questions similar to those during a doctor’s visit 2
  • Description of results, allowing patients to learn about the causes of deviations, recommended management, and how to further care for their health

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Patient triage

Directing patients in the diagnostic pathway

Intelligent 4-step patient triage according to their condition and needs

  • Triage patients for fast, effective care. ER: Life-threatening emergencies, Urgent Visit: Non-life-threatening but urgent conditions, Regular Visit: Routine check-ups and non-urgent concerns, Self-care: Minor self-treatable issues
  • Reduce unnecessary visits, speed up diagnostics, and free up valuable time for your medical staff
  • Ensure your patient is satisfied and knows how to take care of their health

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Health data

Valuable information to help you better care for your patients

Track the results of your activities and make data-driven decisions

  • Measure the economic effects of preventive screenings. Find out how many patients benefited from them.
  • Recognize trends, risks, and areas requiring improvement in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Make operational decisions regarding service planning and budget based on reliable data

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Medical safety and quality is in our DNA

Labplus is built and developed by doctors and scientists in response to the urgent needs of patients and the healthcare system worldwide

We collaborate with leading scientific and clinical institutions to ensure the highest quality and safety

The Medical Board, composed of leading medical experts, oversees the substantive development of Labplus

The effectiveness and safety of Labplus have been confirmed in a clinical trial 2

Labplus is a healthcare entity that assumes full responsibility and accountability for safety

Our technology is a safe medical device CE EU-MDR, compliant with European data protection standards.

What do our partners say?

  • Quote

    „Labplus is a fantastic example of the innovation we foster in our healthtech programs. The company’s founders are reliable experts in healthcare, and genuinely passionate about helping people better understand their blood results”.

    Yuval Passov

    Head of Google for Startups
    Emerging Markets

  • Quote

    “Labplus is characterized by very high patient safety and allows for the elimination of doctor’s visits dedicated to discussing the results. The technology can be used in laboratory diagnostics”.

    Prof. Dr. Jerzy Chudek

    Principle Investigator of Labplus Clinical Trial
    Head of Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Oncology, Silesian Medical University
    Specialist in Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Angiology, Hypertension, Clinical Oncology and Transplantology

  • Quote

    We have always been an organization open to innovation, and our experiences demonstrate that boldly embracing modern technologies expands health awareness and facilitates patients’ access to effective prevention. Previous analyses confirm customer satisfaction, so we are excited to collaborate with Labplus”.

    Przemysław Kulas

    Head of Sales
    Diagnostyka S.A.

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    At, we believe that the reliability of test results is crucial for our clients. However, we don’t want to leave them with just the results alone, even if they plan to visit a doctor. This is where our partner, Labplus, comes in. By providing result interpretation services, we deliver reliable health information to our clients in line with the latest medical knowledge. Collaborating with Labplus is not only a step into the future for but also a continual elevation of customer care standards”.

    Bartek Mrzyczek

    Head of Sales
    Śląskie Laboratoria Analityczne /

  • Quote

    Labplus is a partner with whom we are shaping the future of laboratory diagnostics. Through their unique system of result interpretation, we collectively provide solutions to clients and patients that not only streamline the diagnostic process but also represent a revolutionary change in delivering health status information to patients”.

    Marek Celiński

    Vice President of the Board
    ATD Software – leading Polish LIS provider

Wondering how we can help you?
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  6. The medical interview includes all information necessary for the interpretation process, including current/past illnesses, medications and dietary supplements, habits, lifestyle, symptoms, risk factors, and family history.