Why are we building Labplus?

Every day, 20,000,000 people worldwide receive blood test results and then…

use Google to figure out what they mean.


risk their health by delaying
 medical help


risk their lives by not seeking immediate medical help

Think about it - every day, nearly 4 million people worldwide risk their health and lives just by not knowing what their results mean.

We created Labplus to connect people with the information they need.

Dr. Google, or self-diagnosis through the internet

While seeking health information online can be helpful, it’s important to remember that self-diagnosis can be risky.

We’ve developed the world’s first clinically proven, medical-grade solution that interprets lab test results in just 3 simple steps.

gold standard

Understanding lab results should be as easy as booking an Uber. At Labplus, that’s our mission. We’re setting a new gold standard in lab testing so everyone can get the care they deserve.


Check your lab results online and click “interpret results”


Answer quick health questions


Done! Get clear explanations about your health and what to do next

Unveiling the story behind the world's first blood test interpretation tool

  • 2018

    Siddharth and Jakub, together with a team of doctors and programmers, begin work on the Labplus medical knowledge base.

  • Q2 2019

    We have created a prototype of a technology for interpreting blood tests.

  • Q4 2019

    We have commenced research and development activities under the grant from the National Centre for Research and Development for the project ‘Labplus – innovative globally scalable medical diagnostic technology‘.

  • 2020

    We have established scientific collaboration with the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice and the Wroclaw Medical University.

  • Q2 2020

    We have obtained approval from the bioethics committee to conduct research and clinical trials.

  • 2021-2022

    We conducted prototype tests under conditions closely resembling real and operational environments (TLR 6 and 7).

  • Q1 2023

    We have successfully completed a clinical study at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, achieving 100% safety and 92.3% sensitivity in detecting disorders in patients.

  • Q1 2023

    Labplus is a medical device compliant with GDPR, available to patients of Diagnostyka – the largest laboratory network in Central Europe.

  • Q2 2023

    We have signed agreements with 12 partners responsible for 40% of all research conducted in Poland.

  • Q3 2023

    We have 99.6% patient satisfaction.

  • Q4 2023

    We have interpreted 100,000 tests, detecting life-threatening or health-threatening conditions in 1000+ patients.

Since our beginning in 2018, a lot has happened



hours of R&D



interpreted patient test results



lives saved



patient satisfaction rate



safety in clinical trial

We are a passionate team of individuals skilled in medicine, technology, and business


Remember the days of catching a traditional taxi, explaining directions, and worrying about the fare? Now, with a tap, we get an Uber and get where we need to be, saving time and money. Just like taxi stands, traditional lab result interpretation can be a challenge. We go for tests, receive results, analyze them, search online, and wait in agony for an appointment to understand what they mean and what to do next. Delaying medical help can lead to wrong diagnoses, improper care, putting health and life at risk, and extra expenses.

That’s why we created Labplus. Understanding your lab results should be as easy as getting an Uber. We are determined to set the new gold standard in lab testing. In this way, we save not only lives, but also money and time for patients, doctors and payers.


Dr. Siddharth Agrawal

Medical Doctor & Founder at Labplus