Labplus joins the elite Santander X100 community! ­čÜÇ

Kinga Chojnacka
Labplus joins the elite Santander X100 community! ­čÜÇ

We are incredibly proud to announce that Labplus has been selected for the prestigious Santander X100 community! This exceptional honor helps us in creating a new gold standard in medical diagnostics and opens up new development opportunities for us.

What is Santander X100?

Santander X100 is an exclusive platform that brings together the most promising startups and scaleups from around the world. It’s a place where innovative ideas meet experience, knowledge, and financial support, creating the ideal environment for business development.

What does this mean for Labplus and our partners?

Joining Santander X100 is a huge step forward for us. It opens up a range of possibilities that will translate into even better solutions for our patients and partners:

  • Expert mentoring: We will gain access to the knowledge and experience of the best specialists in the industry, which will allow us to develop and improve our solutions even more effectively.

  • Global network of contacts: Establishing cooperation with other innovative medical partners and companies from around the world will open up new markets and expansion opportunities for us.

  • Financial support: Support in achieving our ambitious goals is a chance for patients in every corner of the world to receive quick and reliable information about their health status.

Our mission

Our mission is to establish a new gold standard in medical diagnostics. Thanks to Santander X100, we are even closer to achieving this goal. Together with other members of the community, we will work on breakthrough solutions that will revolutionize the diagnostics market and improve the quality of healthcare around the world.


We are extremely grateful for this honor and look forward to fruitful cooperation with Santander X100. We thank all our partners and the team who contributed to this success!